Former Minneapolis football player who survived fire as child awarded scholarship

A former Minneapolis football player, who survived being badly burned in a fire when he was a boy, received a scholarship Saturday from a group who works to help burn victims.

TQ Wair was among the people honored Saturday during the Firefighters For Healing gala.

When he was just four, a fire broke out in his home in Minneapolis. Sadly, Wair lost his sister and suffered serious burns over 55 percent of his body. He also lost fingers on his left hand. Doctors only gave him a 20 percent chance of living.

But, after months of recovery at the Hennepin Healthcare Burn Center, Wair recovered. Despite his injuries, he became a talented football player in north Minneapolis.

This year, he started college, playing as a freshman for Mesabi Range College football in northern Minnesota. The scholarship will pay for his second year there.

"It sets me up for my future, whatever I want to do in life," Wair said Saturday.

Earlier this year, Wair was also recognized by his home state football team, the Minnesota Vikings, at a ceremony during a game.

Firefighters for Healing was founded in 2010 to provide year-round care for burn and trauma survivors.