Food truck that exploded in Lakeville wasn't supposed to be parked there in first place

People in a Lakeville neighborhood are still dealing with the fallout from a food truck that exploded nearly a month ago.

On top of that, they've learned that the food truck wasn't supposed to be parked there in the first place.

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A piece of the Motley Crew Heavy Metal Grill food truck still hangs in a neighborhood tree, and debris continue to litter the yard of the home where the truck was parked.

Meanwhile, it appears neighbors are still waiting for repairs on their homes too, but they appear to be pretty understanding about the situation.

The explosion could be heard from miles away, and at least 11 homes were directly impacted by the force of the blast. It's a night no one will soon forget.

Neighbors have blown-out windows, damaged doors, and cracked walls. Even though signs in their yards indicate repairs will begin soon, many are still waiting.

But while they're waiting, they're also learning that the Motley Crew Heavy Metal Grill food truck they saw parked in Marty Ritchie's driveway occasionally over the past two years did so in violation of city ordinance.

In 2012, Ritchie had been told to move the truck, and he did. But at some point, it returned.

That said, most of the neighbors we spoke to on- and off-camera don't seem too upset with Ritchie. Many didn't like the eyesore, but other than that, they say he's a good neighbor and accidents happen.

They're just glad no one was hurt.