Family's car stolen at Children's Hospital in St. Paul

Christmas is supposed to be the season of giving.

But a Wisconsin family had something indispensable taken away during a recent trip to Children's Hospital in St. Paul, they said. 

Jamie Sandquist's three-year-old daughter Jordan has spent most of her life in and out of hospitals. But her family's latest crisis isn't because of her health.

"I can't believe that happened,” Sandquist said. “Disbelief. Unbelievable feeling that happened, especially being in such a vulnerable position.”

On Monday, the Sandquists parked their car in the ramp next to Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota in St. Paul while Jordan had her tonsils taken out.

When they tried to find their car after surgery, the 2004 Silver Nissan Murano was gone.

"Anyone who's in a position like that who has to bring their children to children's [hospital], they don't deserve another catastrophe on their hands," Sandquist said.

The Sandquists said ramp security told them three silver Muranos drove out of the ramp between noon and 2:30 that afternoon and surveillance video wasn’t clear enough to make out the license plate numbers or who was behind the wheel.

To make matters worse, Sandquist said the SUV is her only mode of transportation and she needs it to drive from Roberts, Wisconsin to St. Paul for the many follow up appointments to treat Jordan's medical issues.

Sandquist is a full time student and works full time, too. It is difficult to do without transportation, especially a couple of weeks before Christmas, she said. 

"The last thing anyone should have to deal with is someone stealing their car in the ramp and someone just goes in and takes it. It's very devastating," Sandquist said.

Hospital security says the ramps are frequently patrolled by car and on foot and that those patrols have increased since Monday.

Meanwhile, the Sandquists said they do have insurance but they won't get a check until the first of the year.