Family of man killed in 2019 carjacking asking MN Attorney General to step in ahead of sentencing

The family of a man killed in a 2019 carjacking attempt, frustrated by the way Hennepin County prosecutors have handled the case of one of the two suspects, is now asking for state leaders to intervene.

More than four years after Steve Markey lost his life at the hands of armed carjackers, his cousin is launching a petition asking Attorney General Keith Ellison to prosecute the case of Husayn Braveheart, instead of Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty. The petition also asks Gov. Tim Walz to intervene, if necessary, similar to what happened earlier this year in the murder case of Zaria McKeever.

"We don't feel like justice has been served in this case, and we feel like most of the community would agree with us if they were aware of the story," said Markey’s cousin, Kristin Derus Dore. "We're really begging Attorney General Keith Ellison to help our family and help the community."

Jered Ohsman is serving nearly 22 years in prison for firing the fatal shot. Meanwhile, Braveheart, his armed accomplice, was offered probation and time in the workhouse in exchange for his guilty plea of aiding and abetting second-degree murder. Braveheart was 15 at the time of the crime.

Braveheart is set to be sentenced on Oct. 23 over his role in Markey’s death. Markey's family is outraged over the plea deal offered to him because Braveheart also fired at Markey and because the Minnesota Supreme Court had signed off on certifying him as an adult. Markey’s family is now calling on Ellison and Walz to step in before that court date.

"Serving probation isn't good enough for us. It jeopardizes the whole community. We're being revictimized by Mary Moriarty's office by letting this murderer back out on the streets," said Derus Dore.

Moriarty has made it clear she believes prison time could do more harm than good for Braveheart, who is now 20 years old. 

She sent FOX 9 the following statement: "My commitment to Steven Markey’s family is that we will do everything we can to prevent another family from suffering such a tragic, senseless, and devastating loss. Mr. Braveheart has shown he is responsive to the programming he has received while incarcerated over the past four years. If we disrupt that progress, we will jeopardize public safety and risk everything when he comes back to the community. We cannot take that risk."

FOX 9 asked Ellison’s office if he is considering prosecuting the case but did not hear back.