Excerpt of manhunt suspect's manifesto gives rare glimpse into the mind of a fugitive

A nationwide manhunt is still on for the Janesville man accused of robbing a gun store and mailing a 161-page manifesto threatening public officials and religious leaders to President Donald Trump, though officials said Wednesday they anticipated an "endgame" soon.

A leaked excerpt of that manifesto originally obtained by TMJ4 in Milwaukee and confirmed to be authentic by law enforcement officials gives a rare glimpse into the mind of a fugitive, outlining Joseph Jakubowski's anti-capitalist and anti-government viewpoints while simultaneously hoping for a "chill" life spent working on art. 

After allegedly breaking into Armageddon Supplies gun store and taking as many as 16 high-end firearms, Jakubowski writes that he had no choice.

"I would have gladly purchased these firearms if it was legal for me to do so," he said. "But it is not! I am a felon by the systems of records and beliefs! ... This system has stolen my natural right to protect and defend life!"

In the most pressing passages highlighted by law enforcement Jakubowski speaks of his death, not making any specific threats but asking to be killed personally by the president. 

"To follow my path, my actions may lead to death!" he said. "I choose my death to be carried out by the hands of the president! The leader of the people! Not in secret either! On live T.V."

He begins the long, oftentimes rambling document by outlining what he calls "the system" and blames most of his problems on "the lie of currency." In outlining his sprawling worldview he refers to the government as a "gang of terrorists" and talks of "spilling their blood," oftentimes connecting government and religion as the twin evils poisoning his life.

“Religion is the core problem with everything!" he wrote. "Religion is what created slavery and ... government is an illusion of religion.”

He writes of his own dream, "which was to chill out, do art and live my life," outlining how chronic pain and the need to work prevented him from pursuing his passion.

The search is still ongoing, and the FBI are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to Jakubowski's arrest. If you have general tips or historical information, call 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324).