Escaped goats, donkey return to Stone Mountain home

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Nearly 30 goats and a donkey got loose in a Stone Mountain neighborhood Friday morning. 

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Kathy Porter told FOX 5 News she thought some neighborhood children were making "goat" noises outside her home on Hairston Place, but when she looked outside she realized that wasn't the case. Turns out, there were about 20 goats, 10 kids, or baby goats, and one donkey outside her house, eating her rose bushes. 

Porter notified authorities, then decided to watch over the animals and keep them safe. Having grown up on a farm, she knew how to care for them. 


"I wanted to make sure they didn't get on the highway," she told FOX 5. 

Porter said the goats ate many of her neighbors' flowers before animal control arrived at her home.

FOX 5 was able to track down Porter's neighbor, the owner of the goats, and notified him that his animals were "at large." The owner then drove over to Porter's house and collected his goats and donkey. 

No word as to how the animals got loose, but animal control did escort them back to their property.