Entrepreneurs pay for over $40K in groceries at metro Atlanta Kroger

A group of Atlanta entrepreneurs surprised shoppers at the Kroger in Decatur by paying for their groceries. The group said it was one of many ways they gave back to the community last weekend.

The video of them paying for the groceries has made its rounds on social media. It shows Brad and Tronda Giles, along with other entrepreneurs, taking over the registers at the Kroger on Wesley Chapel Road.

"We all just took our own individual lanes," Brad Giles said. "Each of us took a lane to take up as many registers as we can and let people know, 'Look, groceries are on us.'"

The takeover lasted about two hours, leaving shoppers in tears and others dancing with joy.

"To see the smiles on the face, to see the tears that are being shed," Brad Giles explained, "It's amazing, and it's in the spirit of giving."

The group paid for around $40,000 worth of groceries.

"We've always had that love for giving back and helping individuals who have never had help before and all the people we help in our work translates to who want to help in our communities," he said.

After posting the videos of the takeover on Instagram, Brad and Tronda said they started getting messages from other people who wanted to give back too. The act started a train of other people wanting to do acts of kindness.

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"Every little bit counts. Giving is something we all have to do as a community, and if we can all give to each other, it's going to make everybody stronger," said Giles.

The group's efforts didn't start at Kroger either, the entrepreneurs also helped people pay for gas and help the homeless in the community.

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