Egg Roll Queen food truck becomes victim of another crime

When Chai Xiong arrived at the Egg Roll Queen's commercial kitchen in Little Canada Friday morning, it wasn't long before he noticed something was wrong.

Overnight someone broke into five of the small business' food trucks, as well as a trailer, stealing a generator, a bunch of power tools, and a car jump starter.

The burglar also broke out several windows on the trucks, forcing Egg Roll Queen to cancel some of their events for the day to get the trucks repaired.

"It's really sad, and for us, it's devastating. My wife is deaf and she is relying on these things to get through her days," Egg Roll Queen co-owner Xiong told FOX 9.

Just last month, a thief reached into one of the Egg Roll Queen's food trucks and stole a bag with more than $20,000 at the South St. Paul Farmer's Market.

Xiong believes that theft may have inspired others to target them, like when someone broke into one of the trucks in their parking lot two weeks ago, but didn't take anything.

"Because we were out there all the time and people heard about the story and how much cash we happened to have on that day, they are making an assumption that we have that all the time, which is not true," said Xiong.

Xiong says a security camera captured the two break-ins and he hopes to put a fence around their parking lot and add more security so it doesn't happen again.

"I'm hoping there's something the city can do to help businesses and bring those people to justice," said Xiong.

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office is investigating the two break-ins, but so far, they haven't made any arrests.