East Bethel, Minn. restaurant recognized for carrying AED device that saved customer's life

(FOX 9)

A north metro bar and restaurant was honored Sunday for helping save the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest.

That man survived because the bar was prepared for this exact type of medical emergency.

"A customer was laying in the parking lot [and] we had an off-duty fireman here," recalled Brad Slawson, who is the owner of Route 65 Pub & Grub. "We went outside with our AED and performed all the right procedures to bring this person back to life."

Route 65 is part of East Bethel's Heart Safe Program, which aims at making sure everyone has the right tools to save lives.

"What we are really trying to do is making our business prepared so that we increase the chances of survival for the people that live there, work here, visit here," said East Bethel firefighter Troy Lachinski.

"We thought it was a great idea for us to have and we wanted to make sure we were a part of it," said Slawson.

Just last summer it saved the life of Jimmy Brodkorb.

"We're glad that he's still here, he's here today with his grandkids and obviously they are still happy he's here," said Slawson.

A celebration made possible because of an AED that had recently been installed.

"You never know when it's going to happen," said Jimmy's granddaughter Caliah Brodkorb. "Any bar, store anywhere, and you know it's scary, so it's good to be prepared."

Jimmy's family is forever thankful that Route 65 was prepared.

"So grateful they had that in place, saved his life," added granddaughter Tessa Nelson. "He gets to be with us, his great children; it's pretty incredible."

East Bethel is one of several Heart Safe cities in Minnesota. The program provides grants for AED devices that can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000.