Door Dasher threatens Jimmy John’s staff after being told they don’t use service

A Door Dash driver in Maple Grove was charged with threats of violence after arriving at a Jimmy John’s and becoming irate when told they do not use the service he drives for.

On July 26, Maple Grove Police Department officers were dispatched to a report of a man threatening to burn down and shoot workers at Jimmy John's on 9513 Blackoaks Lane.

According to the criminal complaint, after police spoke with staff, they learned that John Michael Van Singel, 29, of Holland, Michigan, allegedly came into the store, stated he was with Door Dash, and placed items including a lighter on a table. 

Staff told him they do not use Door Dash, and Singel became irate and started yelling and threatening to shoot staff and burn down the store. While yelling at staff, he asked, "do you want to see the MacBook or the mac?" before reaching into his backpack, the complaint said. 

According to police, staff said that they believed the "mac" he was referencing was using a gun, and that he was going to shoot them. He also allegedly told staff to "watch their step tonight, you’re gonna get a bullet in your head."

A staff member was reportedly shaking and crying while speaking to police. 

Singel was later located by police at another store. They also found a gasoline can containing a flammable substance in his vehicle. 

While being transported to jail, he repeatedly kicked the back door and panel of the squad car, trying to get the attention of those outside, according to police. When asked why he was continuing with this behavior, he stated he was "trying to scare more people."