Donald Trump campaigns in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Exactly one week from Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a stop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Thousands of supporters attended the event at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Trump appeared confident at the event, telling the crowd he expects to win Wisconsin next week. According to the latest poll data on, Trump trails Clinton by 5.7 points in Wisconsin. Clinton is also leading in Minnesota polls, but Trump remains optimistic.

“You know, we just had news that in Minnesota we are doing fantastically well, I didn’t know we had so many people,” said Trump.

Trump pointed out a man in the crowd holding a homemade sign of support.

“Look at that man, it says 'Minnesota cancer patient for Trump'.. and you are going to get better you know it,” said Trump.

Later, Trump focused in on the Affordable Care Act, as people across the country brace for increasing health care rates. 

"The Democratic governor in Minnesota just said the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable,” said Trump. “Premiums are surging, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are leaving and deductibles are through the roof.”

Trump spoke for about 40 minutes, hitting on immigration and crime. He sent off the crowd with a final reminder to vote.

"On November 8th go out, don't disappoint yourselves, your families, me - we have to do it," he said.


By noon Tuesday, thousands of people had gathered in a long line leading up to Zorn Arena. The arena has a capacity of 3,400, and there were at least that many people lined up outside.

Garfield Avenue separated the line of Trump supporters from a smaller, but still substantial, crowd of protesters.

Most polls show Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by 3 to 6 points in Wisconsin.