Delaware man reunited with dogs after suffering heart attack, animal shelter foots the bill

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A heartwarming story just in time for the holidays.

A Delaware man and Vietnam war veteran, identified only as James, had a massive heart attack and his dogs were taken from him and put up for adopting because of his health.

James lost everything, including his home.

However, despite his difficulties, he kept contacting the shelter to ask about their wellbeing.

When he was released from the hospital, he did not have enough money to re-adopt his dogs.

The shelter explained the situation to their Facebook followers, "A happy ending for Christmas. This gentleman's dogs originally arrived at the shelter for safekeeping when he was hospitalized for a massive heart attack. They eventually went up for adoption, as, due to his health, he was never able to reclaim them."

According to the shelter, the dogs, Bailey and Blaze were moved to their adoption center at the Dover PetSmart this month.

According to the Examiner, James contacted the shelter again to let them know that he finally had a place to stay and he was working to raise enough money to adopt his dogs.

Fortunately, staff at the First State Animal Center and SPCA – where the dogs were being held – found out and on Thursday evening, they paid for everything, including food and gift cards to buy more supplies.

The shelter wrote, "First State Animal Center staff and volunteers caught wind of this, and unbeknownst to him, reduced the fee, collected money to help him cover it, and were also able to donate food, gift cards for pet supplies, etc. for he and his pets to go home with. He was unaware of this until he came to check on them today."

As shown in the video, James panicked while in line at the PetSmart when he was told he didn’t have to pay. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to take his dogs home.

But soon it was revealed that donations had been collected and the adoption fees were covered. The dogs were then brought out for their big reunion with their owner.

A GoFundMe has also been set up for Bailey, Blaze and their owner.