Day after deadly standoff, David Winters's connection to biker gang emerges

The police may have been the least of David Michael Winters's worries.

Officers found Winters Tuesday morning sleeping in his car with a gun on his lap. A shootout ensured, followed by a manhunt, and finally a standoff last night in Jordan, which ended when the 42-year-old took his own life with a bullet to the head.

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The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office says Winters was a part of the BPM Gang. The 'B' stands for beer, 'M' for motorcycles, and 'P' we'll leave to your imagination.

Chris Omodt, a former detective with the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office who specialized in biker gangs, says the BPMs are a Minnesota gang that's been active for 40 years. Members have been caught with machine guns and bombs.

In the 90s, Omodt says the gang was dealing a pure blend of methamphetamine known as 'ice.'

Winters's rap sheet is the classic resume of assault, manufacturing meth, stolen property, and counterfeit checks.

Yet sources tell Fox 9 Winters was kicked out of the BPMs last year. That usually means you broke the code.

"Lying to other members, stealing from other members, or messing with another member's old lady," Omodt explains.

The BPMs have chapters in Rochester, Duluth, and St. Cloud, but Omodt says they've usually kept away from the metro because of the Minnesota Hells Angels -- at least until Omodt busted the local leader, Pat Matter, sending him to prison, then publishing a book with him a few months ago.

Omodt believes the BPMs may be filling in the power vacuum.

"I think Hells Angels have lost a little bit of their gusto, busted [in the] early 2000s, and I think the other clubs are trying to step up a bit, and [the BPMs] may be the ones," Omodt says.