Community Needs Community hosts annual toy drive in Minneapolis

With Christmas around the corner, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit is working to make sure that no kid is without a gift.

Community Needs Community was created in response to the murder of George Floyd. Nearly two years later, the organization is expanding its reach.

"I feel like we’re a resource to the city," said Michael Smith, founder of Community Needs Community. "The need has intensified, but the resources are a bit more limited."

This year’s toy drive will take place at four drop-off locations throughout the city, including the Fresh Eye Gallery in south Minneapolis.

"It means a lot. The smile on kids' faces and the burden it takes off people’s lives that you may not understand… there’s no comparison to it," Smith said. 

For Smith who grew up in Minneapolis, the collection effort is deeply personal. 

"I do sales by trade, but I'm a father of three and I grew up in a lot of different communities so I really kind of can see and understand the value, and I know what it feels like not to have Christmas. I just want everyone to truly enjoy their holiday."