Cold weather perfect for ice and snow-themed events in the Twin Cities this weekend

Jason Moe carves out characters from "The Mandalorian" for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. (FOX 9)

This weekend, a drive-thru version of the St. Paul Winter Carnival kicks off and a new ice maze in Stillwater becomes a popular attraction during its opening week, just as chilly weather makes conditions perfect for the icy events.

"I just like the act of carving," said snow sculptor Jason Moe, standing in front of a giant, Star Wars-themed ice display.

This is the second year Jason Moe’s team has snow-sculpted something Star Wars-related for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. This year, his inspiration was the series "The Mandalorian."

"Well, this is The Mandalorian and Grogu, and this is IG-11, the drone," explained Moe.

At 14 feet tall, it’s a giant project for his team.

"This has taken all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and then we’ve been doing half days," said Moe. "We’ll finish tomorrow at noon."

Just in time for the start of the St. Paul Winter Carnival, which opens Thursday through February 7 as a drive-thru experience only.

"Yeah, there’s definitely benefits," said Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation CEO Deb Schaber. "You get to be in your warm car with heated seats and drink your cocoa and not wear hats and mittens."

If you're looking to get out for an adventure, seven-year-old Alice says you'll find it at the ice maze at the Zephyr Theatre in Stillwater.

"It feels like you’re in like a real ice palace," said Alice.

"We created it out of over 1,500 ice blocks, each block weighing about 280 pounds so it is literally tons of ice," said Zephyr Theater Executive Director Kalyssa Hall.

The maze is up until the end of next month in Stillwater.