Closs case suspect's family maintains silence following court appearance

Family members of Jake Patterson, the man suspected in kidnapping Jayme Closs and murdering her parents, have kept their silence since the missing 13-year-old was found.

In his first court appearance Monday, a judge set a $5 million bail for Jake Patterson. He has been charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide, one count of kidnapping and one count of armed robbery. 

His father, Patrick Patterson, and brother, Erik Patterson, were visibly emotional as they embraced inside a private room immediately following the hearing. 

The pair left the courthouse through the front door, where several members of the media followed them as they walked to their car without saying a word. However, when asked if they knew Jake Patterson was hiding Jayme in their home, his father shook his head “no.”

FOX 9 did speak with one of the public defenders representing Jake Patterson in the parking lot. He responded to details in the criminal complaint that say his client already admitted to all the crimes he’s accused of.

“It doesn’t stop the process,” said public defender Charlie Glynn. “As I was saying before, I’ve seen criminal complaints that have more that didn’t stand up. I’m not saying anything about the validity of this one, but we have a professional obligation to pursue things—pursue all avenues.”

Many members of the Closs family were also in attendance during the court proceeding Monday, but they declined to comment after exiting through a back door.