Churches go on with social-distanced services as pandemic disrupts Easter

The coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench in the Easter plans for Minnesota churches, but that didn't stop services on Sunday.

"Again, happy easter all of you," said Father Stan Mader of St. Joseph’s in Waconia. "Before today, never preceded mass wearing sorrels and insulated coveralls underneath my vestment, but I am today." 

"Before today I never" was something our crews heard a lot on Sunday.

"I never thought I would be sitting in the parking lot for Easter mass, so… in the snow," said Tricia Battis, who was a drive-in churchgoer.

The Battis family was among those packed in the car, watching Easter mass at St. Joseph's from a warm and safe distance.

"It was definitely interesting and a different experience," said Megan Battis. "Nothing I’ve ever expected before but it was unique and I actually like enjoyed it and it’s something I’m going to look back on and always remember."

The same went for families outside of St. Paul Cathedral who will always remember their Easter drive-by blessing.

"We figured why not take a walk in the snow and get a blessing on this Holy Easter," said Abby Rivard.

A Holy Easter where new traditions are taking shape.

"We've been connecting with friends and family who we haven’t connected with in a long time outside of a pandemic," said Mika Courneya. "So that’s a blessing as well."

Making this Easter one to remember.

"It is unique in every respect," said Father Mader.