Charges: Delta worker recorded video of man in airport bathroom stall

A Delta Air Lines worker is accused of trying to surreptitiously record video photos of another man inside a bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport earlier this year.

In the charges filed on Monday, police say they were called to the men's bathroom at Gate G6 in Terminal 1 for the incident on April 11. The victim told officers he was using one of the bathroom stalls when he saw someone slide their iPhone underneath the bottom of the stall. The victim said the rear camera was facing upward and the man appeared to take a photo.

The victim said he quickly got out of the stall and was able to confront the man as he tried to leave. Police say the photographer was later identified as 26-year-old Jacob Budzinski Block.

Police say Budzinski Block used his Delta-issued cell phone to show he had no inappropriate photos in his photo gallery. However, when officers spoke with Budzinski Block, they noticed the outline of another phone in his pocket.

Officers say Budzinski Block appeared nervous as he "quickly" scrolled through the second phone. Police seized the device from him to prevent him from deleting any evidence.

During interviews, police say Budzinski Block admitted to recording a video of the victim in the restroom, saying he had an addiction and had been "participating in this behavior for a long time."

At this time, he is charged with one count of interfering with privacy.