Champlin teen manufactures dog wheelchairs for families in need

A 14-year-old Champlin, Minnesota girl manufactures dog wheelchairs in her free time. Normally costing families around $1,000, this girl's efforts only cost dog owners the price of the parts.

A high school student in Champlin, Minnesota is trying to make a difference for dog owners around the country. 

In her spare time, Shaine Kilyun manufactures wheelchairs for dogs for the price of their parts. She says she learned how to do it, in part, by just watching videos on YouTube.

Her most recent client is a blind 7-month-old Great Dane named Cypress. 

"She’s a giant dog," Cypress’ owner Jennifer Latham shared. "Her body tilts like this because her front legs, at seven months, are about six inches shorter than her back legs. Her legs are totally curved."

"If she is not mobile we are going to have to put her down," Latham continued. "And that is not an option." 

Surgery to fix the problem is coming, but Cypress needs a wheelchair before and after. 

"When you’re looking at these giant wheelchairs, it takes you into another price bracket," Latham said. 

That’s where Kilyun comes in. She makes front support, full support and back support wheelchairs for dogs.

Wheelchairs usually go for more than $1,000, but Kilyun charges less than $300, solely for the cost of her supplies. 

"I really had to like kind of beg her and insist that she took the money for the supplies," Latham said. 

Eventually, Kilyun wants to begin making wheelchairs to donate to animal shelters. 

"So many dogs get put down because people just don’t think they have a life because they’re disabled," Kilyun said. 

"A lot of dogs are put down," Latham said. "Because either their owners are not aware that there’s anything they can do, or because they can’t afford it."

Kilyun has made several models, and sold two, for a Chihuahua in Ohio and Cypress the Great Dane in Oregon. 

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