Cannon River water rescue saves multiple people after canoes, kayak capsize

Photos show an area of the Cannon River with fallen trees and debris hidden under the water. The image on the left was taken on March 21 and the image on the right was taken May 23. (Courtesy: Rice County Sheriffs Office)

The Rice County Sheriff's Office said several people were rescued from the Cannon River around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday after their boats hit downed trees and capsized. 

Deputies report they found several people hanging onto a tree in the waterway between the Two Rivers Park and Cannon River Trout Lily Scientific and Natural Area.

Deputies say they then spoke to one of the adults involved in the incident, who told them a group of three adults and six juveniles came from the Two Rivers Park in Faribault and were using kayaks and canoes to travel the river to Northfield. During this time, two of the canoes reportedly got tangled in two different trees, causing them to capsize. One juvenile in a kayak then fell into the river when he tried to help.

The sheriff's office said each canoe had one adult and one juvenile.

No injuries were reported and all parties were wearing life jackets, according to the sheriff's office.

Officials say the Cannon River is filled with unseen debris, including trees and branches that were taken down during tornadoes that swept through the area in 2018, adding that anyone traversing the river should be cautious.