Can you get 7/7 on this Corn Dog or Pronto Pup quiz?

The Minnesota State Fair brings nearly two million people together each year for the Great Minnesota Get-Together. But the can also divide us. Original Deep Fried Cheese Curds or The Mouth Trap? Turkey leg or Turkey To-Go? All-you-can drink chocolate milk or white milk?

But with the “Original” cheese curds booth closing up shop, there’s one fierce battle of the taste buds that remains: Corn Dog or Pronto Pup? You already know which side you’re on, but can you tell the difference just by looking at the golden brown batter on a stick? TAKE THE QUIZ: Is this a Corn Dog or Pronto Pup?

But what is the difference?  Actually, both corn dogs and Pronto Pups use a cornmeal based batter (despite some fairgoers insisting the Pronto Pup uses  a wheat-based batter). No, the real difference between a Pronto Pup and a corn dog is sugar. The proprietary Pronto Pup batter blend has less sugar and less sweetness than corn dog batter.