Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid sexual abuse crisis

The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy as it tries to deal with a sexual abuse crisis.

The organization made the filing in a Delaware court as it tries to come up with a plan to deal with hundreds of sex abuse lawsuits. The Boy Scouts are trying to work out a potentially massive victim compensation plan, which could involve selling off some of their campgrounds and hiking land.

A local lawyer who has represented Minnesotans who have sued the scouts said that by filing for bankruptcy, the scouts could keep some of its files secret.

"We now know the Boy Scouts are going to go the same direction as the Catholic Church, as they’ve chosen to conceal all of the information they have about predators in their midst, and unfortunately they’re going to do that on the back of victims," said attorney Patrick Noaker. “That’s a problem because communities need information on what has happened in the past to make sure they don’t repeat it.”

However, Noaker said this could inspire others to share their stories.

"This may give a number of survivors of sexual abuse a good reason to come forward and get the help they need, whereas for whatever reason they couldn’t do it before. So I think in that way that’s a celebration," he said. 

Noaker said the next step will be for the court in Delaware to set a deadline for people to bring cases against the scouts forward.