'Boom, Boom, Boom': Visitors frightened after ride breaks at carnival in Forest Lake, Minn.

The thrill of The Scrambler ride at the Fourth of July Carnival keeps visitors coming back to Forest Lake, Minnesota.

In fact, every time Brittney Anderson goes to the carnival, she makes sure to hop on. But on Friday night, something went wrong.

“It starts to get just a little bit faster, we heard a loud clicking-type noise and then all of a sudden we heard a ‘boom, boom, boom,’” Anderson said.

That boom was a bolt coming loose on The Scrambler.

“It was that whole front part that clicks up, that just blew right off,” she explained.

Fair owner John Magel of Magel Carnival Midways said he's run the company for more than 60 years, taking it over from his grandfather.

Magel said he's here every day, all day and personally set up The Scrambler himself before the carnival started.

He said the rides get multiple inspections daily and that his biggest concern is the safety of his customers.

“We’ve all had instances, [but] I’ve never had a fatality. I had someone get hurt on my Zipper about 10 years ago, that was operator error. I’ve had bolts break and things wear out—things can still happen,” he said.

Brittney and her friends were not hurt, but it scares her thinking of what could have happened.

“That whole thing could have come forward. Who knows how much it weighs; it could have knocked somebody out or decapitated someone,” Anderson said.

The Department of Labor and Industry said they do plan on reaching out the carnival company for its daily ride inspection log for The Scrambler.