Bloomington police officers give silent salute at home of retired commander who passed away

Members of the Bloomington Police Department gathered to give a silent salute outside the home of a retired commander who passed away recently.

When a retired commander from the Bloomington Police Department unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack, his brothers and sisters in the police force showed up in his honor.

On Monday, several officers drove to Jim Ryan's home, where they gave a silent salute for one minute and 55 seconds to symbolize his badge number 155.

His colleagues call him one of the most influential and admired leaders in the Bloomington Police Department.

“When somebody passes away unexpectedly like this, you know it just triggered a reaction that wasn’t really planned way in advance it was just officers trying to do something hopefully uplifting for the family,” said Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts.

Retired Bloomington Police Commander Jim Ryan passed away unexpectedly. (Bloomington Police Department)

Commander Ryan retired in 2017 after more than 30 years of service. His funeral arrangements are up in the air because of COVID-19, but his department hopes there is some sort of memorial service in the future.