Blizzard sidelines Bagley, Minnesota, dance team but young performer still dazzles

An 11-year old dancer from Bagley, Minnesota, stepped up in a big way over the weekend when blizzard conditions kept her team from joining her at a regional Just for Kix dance competition in St. Cloud.

"I think it was probably scary, but exciting at the same time," 6th grader Amaiya Fraley told FOX 9’s Paul Blume via Zoom from her home in Bagley. 

Still riding high several days later, Fraley said, her standing-ovation worthy performance was all about representing her team and Bagley community with pride.

"I tried my best to do what I could do," she explained. "Sometimes I learn that it's better to do what you can do on the floor and put it all out there."

Fraley is a member of a seven-girl middle school kick team that was set to perform in the program’s showcase event in St. Cloud.

But a blizzard in the northern half of the state and other issues wreaked havoc on the squad, leaving only Fraley on hand when their number was called.

"I knew the dance really well," a confident Fraley told Blume. "So I decided to represent Bagley and the dancers that couldn’t make it."

Her coach Katrina Bugge recalled telling Fraley, she did not have to go out and perform the routine without the choreography and support of the other half-dozen dancers.

Bugge said, "I asked her. I was like, are you sure you want to do this? Like it's okay… She goes, No, I want to do this. I am dedicated to dance and I love dancing. And I just want to prove to everyone out there that I can do the best that I can, even if I don't win or whatever."

Not only did Fraley step up in front of a large, supportive crowd that included fellow dancers and competitors. She delivered the solo big-time, nailing the routine.

The youngster and Coach Bugge were shocked when the judges announced Fraley had performed so well, she won her division.

"The tears just started rolling. I started crying," recalled Bugge. "The crowd gave her a standing ovation. It was the best thing I could have ever experienced as a coach. It is definitely one of my favorite dance memories as a coach."

"I might have been really brave and did it by myself, but i like doing it better with other people," joked Fraley, explaining she is looking forward to competing with her full team for the rest of the dance season.