BCA identifies deputies who shot 70-year-old man in northern Minnesota

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has identified the deputies who fired shots last month that left a 70-year-old man in northern Minnesota seriously injured while deputies were reportedly attempting to serve a warrant.

According to investigators, the man, Leo Henry Hacker, was shot near his home on Feb. 21 in Pine City, Minnesota.

The BCA says Pine County deputies were trying to serve a warrant for assault with a weapon and other charges. According to state investigators, deputies spotted Hacker driving his pickup truck, made contact, and ordered him to get out. Instead, deputies said Hacker backed the truck away from deputies and started pulling forward and to the left.

At that point, the BCA says deputies fired their service weapon along with less-lethal rounds.

According to the BCA, the following deputies used force during the incident:

  • Boston Gilderman fired his department handgun
  • Joseph Mishler fired his department rifle
  • Barry Sjodahl fired 40-millimeter less-lethal foam rounds

Hacker was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. As of Thursday, nine days after the incident, the BCA says he remains hospitalized.

Gilderman and Mishler have both been placed on leave. According to the BCA, the shooting was captured at least in part on body cameras.

The BCA is continuing to review the shooting. It will submit its investigation to local prosecutors, who will ultimately decide whether the case warrants any charges.