Barking dog alerts family to house fire in Duluth

Dudley did right, and helped alert a Duluth family their house was on fire Wednesday night. 

According to the Duluth Fire Department, Dudley, the family’s yellow lab, was in her kennel in a heated garage when the fire started. She began barking and woke up a 12-year-old girl, who then woke up and saw the fire burning in the detached garage. The fire department notes that while the garage is detached it is just inches from the home. 

The family got out of the home uninjured. The father made his way into the garage and got Dudley out, who other than some singed fur is doing well. 

The fire department extinguished the fire and estimates it caused around $80,000 in damage.

The fire department is crediting the 12-year-old for calmly alerting her family to the danger so they could escape the fire.