Baby pulled over barbed wire-topped wall in Kabul reunited with family, evacuated

The baby caught on camera last week being pulled over a barbed wire-topped wall has been reunited with family and evacuated from Afghanistan, according to reports.

Video shows the moment a U.S. Marine reached down over the wire and pulled the child up. Maj. Jim Stenger, a spokesperson for the U.S. Marine Corps, told FOX News the child was treated at a medical facility on-site before being reunited with her father.

"This is a true example of the professionalism of the Marines on site, who are making quick decisions in a dynamic situation in support of evacuation operations," Stenger said.

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The child was cared for by Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Caesar, a British surgeon working in the trauma hospital set up inside the U.S.-controlled airport.

He told Sky News that the child was just one of many to pass through his care.

Afghan baby rescue (1)

Onlookers at the Kabul airport videoed the moment an American soldier reached over a barbed wire-topped wall to pull up an infant being held above a crowd of refugees. (Credit: Omar Haidari via Storyful)

"There have also been an unexpectedly high number of children being passed to us and being dealt with by the hospital," Caesar explained. "The Norwegians, the US and ourselves took turns taking care of those children and offering them the pastoral care that they needed while they waited to be either shipped on to a safe destination or reunited with their parents.

Caesar said the child was eventually reunited with her mother and they’ve since been evacuated.

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Many thousands of Afghans have flocked to the Kabul airport since the Taliban overthrew the government earlier this month.

The U.S. and its Western allies are conducting a massive evacuation effort, helping Americans and Afghan allies flee the looming Taliban rule.

Thousands of Afghans have managed to board flights abroad. But those who have yet to escape have turned to desperate measures.

One video showed people holding on to the landing gear and other parts of the plane. Another video showed a plane in the air with something, or someone, appearing to fall from the aircraft.

This story was reported from Atlanta.