Allina EMS crew meets twin babies it helped deliver inside ambulance

Nearly three months after delivering twin babies in an ambulance, two local EMS workers were formally introduced to the little girls that they helped bring into the world. For the babies’ parents, the meeting was also an opportunity to give thanks.

It’s an unforgettable story about two remarkable little girls. Three months ago, twins Harlon and Harper were born, and their arrival came sooner than expected.

Megan Swanberg was seven months into her pregnancy when the contractions began.

"I’m like I’m just going to drive myself to the hospital and my mom is like no, you’re not. She’s like I’m going to call 911," said Swanberg.

By the time she makes it into the ambulance, she’s in labor.

The EMS crew holds the twin babies during a meeting on Monday. (FOX 9)

"I just had that feeling that deep down inside I was like they’re coming quick. I was like we’re not going to make it, we’re not going to make it to the hospital," said Swanberg.

And within minutes, "The first girl came Harper, at 1:37 p.m. and the second one was at 1:52 p.m.," said Swanberg.

The babies were delivered by an Allina Health EMS ambulance crew. "They’re all masked up so I just saw their eyes, but it was just like shocked you know. I don’t think they thought they were coming," said Swanberg.

Weeks after Harlon and Harper’s birth, Scott Olson and Shelby Frost return to the Swanbergs' Isanti home.

"I don’t think anyone of us thought that she was going to give birth because she had just come from the doctor, " said Frost.

Reid Swanberg told the two men, "I’m a little jealous that you guys got to see their birth and I didn’t but very appreciative and glad you guys were there."

An early arrival, through a special delivery that was right on time. "I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, please, please call the ambulance, don’t ever drive on your own and definitely have the babies in the hospital," said Swanberg.

Swanberg said that she wanted to meet the EMS crew again because it was such a crazy experience.

When Harlon and Harper were born, they weighed three pounds and spent weeks at the Mother Baby Center in Minneapolis. Today, both babies are healthy, weighing nearly 10 pounds.