After 30 years, officials still looking for answers in Amy Sue Pagnac disappearance

Amy Sue Pagnac disappeared two months before Jacob Wetterling, but she still hasn't been found. On the 30th anniversary of her disappearance, her mother holds out hope this mystery will be solved.

“It's kind of life-altering,” she said. “I still have trouble coming up with the right words."

It’s been 30 years to the day since Susan Pagnac saw her daughter Amy, but the pain is just as raw, as if it were yesterday.

"You still kind of wait for the phone call for someone to say, ‘we found her, she's coming home,’" she said.

It was Aug. 5, 1989, when Amy Sue Pagnac went with her father to their family farm in Isanti County for the afternoon.

Her father said on their way back, he left Amy in the car so he could go to the bathroom at a convenience store in Osseo. When he came back, she was gone.

"You don't expect them to vanish, and the last thing you ever expect is not only did they vanish, but you don't see or hear from them again for 30 years," Susan Pagnac said.

Over the years, posters have shown what Amy would look like as she gets older, and investigators have even served a search warrant on her parents’ home in Maple Grove. But, there's still no sign of the missing teenager, and family members believe she was taken against her will.

"She would not have stayed gone. She was quite happy, she was looking forward to starting eighth grade."

After three decades, Pagnac still hopes someone will come forward and help bring her daughter home.

"I know someone out there knows something. They just may not know what they know."

Maple Grove police said Amy's disappearance is still an open and active missing person's case, and they will thoroughly investigate all leads. They also ask anyone with information about Amy's whereabouts to give them a call.