Adam Thielen is no longer under the radar, but is treating this camp like any other

Many players here at Vikings training camp are trying to make a name for themselves, but that’s already happened for Adam Thielen after a breakout season last year. 

This training camp, he’s treating it as he did the first go around with the Vikings.

“This offseason, I was thinking of how I can really get better this year and I sat down and said, why change anything?” Thielen said. “Why not have the same mindset going into this year as any other year.”

Thielen’s training camp experience has evolved a lot like his NFL career, going from roster hopeful to defenses now hoping to stop him as one of the top returning receivers in the league.

He enters this camp focusing on reps, not replicating stats from last season.

“I don’t think about how many catches or yards,” Thielen said. “Because I’ve had so many catches or yards it doesn't mean I had a successful year or game. For me the focus is on yesterday, how did I practice yesterday and how did I practice today?”

Even with a new quarterback in Kirk Cousins, Thielen’s role shouldn’t change as a go-to receiver, but now he’s also a go-to guy for the young players on the roster, trying to navigate their own way in the league.

“It’s all those young guys, I keep it open for them to ask me whatever,” Thielen said.

“Take it one day at a time,” he added. “Not, am I going to make the team or not make the team?”

While Thielen is not a quiet threat anymore, he is ready to make some noise in week one.