911 transcripts released in deadly Minneapolis police shooting on Dec. 15

Minneapolis officials have released transcripts of two 911 calls made in the deadly officer-involved shooting of 52-year-old Chiasher Vue on Dec. 15. 

Officers responded to a home on the 3100 block of Thomas Avenue North shortly after 3 a.m. on Dec. 15 following a 911 call about a man, now identified as Vue, carrying a knife and shooting a gun inside the home. 

According to the transcript, the unidentified caller tells dispatch, “Yeah we’re gonna need an emergency over here real quick.” 

The caller described a confusing scene with gunshots in the house, and reported Vue was intoxicated and carrying a knife. 

Operator: Did he shoot someone? 
Caller: No he just open fire shots man. I’m like scared now.

The caller then told dispatch they and several other family members had escaped the home uninjured, but one family member remained inside. 

Operator: Okay I’m just getting help started, okay? You said no one was hit?
Caller: No, I’m pretty sure not but I’m scared for... because couldn’t taken out, take her out in time and…

Operator: He just, did he like shoot in the air, where did he shoot?
Caller: Probably shot, probably he shot in the air or towards the wall and stuff.

Police eventually arrived on scene. Officers contacted Vue by phone and, speaking through an interpreter, convinced him to come out of the home, according to the BCA. Vue appeared at the front door briefly and then reappeared with a rifle and began shooting. Police fired back at Vue, striking him multiple times. He died at the hospital. 

The family member who had remained inside the home was not injured in the incident, but was taken to North Memorial for evaluation of an unrelated condition. 

The police department also released the complaint records of the officers involved in the incident. 

Nine officers are on standard leave as the investigating plays out. Eight of the officers fired at Vue in the moment while one used less than lethal force, according to the BCA. 

One of the officers, Jason Wolff, shot and killed a suspect in a shooting earlier this year.

The officers were wearing body-worn cameras, which the BCA says captured portions of the incident. 

The BCA investigation into the incident is ongoing.