5-year-old recreates art class with stuffed-animal students during lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Many kids across the country are partaking in remote or virtual learning after their schools have shut down. Abby, though, has opted to become a teacher herself.

An April 20 video shows the 5-year-old acting as an art teacher to her class of orange stuffed animals and Carrot, her real cat.

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“I’m going to have you guys after lunch do a kitty project, to make a kitty,” Abby says in the video. “You guys know how to make yourselves, don’t you?”

The Illinois girl seems to be a caring and attentive teacher, but one who is unafraid to offer a robust homework load, even amid the pandemic, giving her class two projects for one day and two projects for the following day.

Carrot the cat could not be reached for comment regarding their experiences in Abby’s class.

All over the world, kids have been finding ways to keep themselves entertained amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One girl was treated to an impromptu “Hamilton” performance, while other kids participated in a harmonious remote rendition of a “Sound of Music Classic.”

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