5 adults, 1 infant sent to hospital after 'suspicious' Minneapolis fire

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Photo/video from Jason Moravec

Five adults and one infant were transported to a hospital following an apartment fire on the 3200 block of Portland Avenue South in Minneapolis on Tuesday. Investigators are calling the fire "suspicious."

According to the Minneapolis Fire Department, "heavy fire" was showing from the 2nd floor around 3 p.m. and was put out by firefighters about 15 minutes later. Five adults and one infant were transported to an area hospital for smoke inhalation and injuries from jumping out windows.

Firefighters said one of the adults is in critical condition due to injuries sustained after jumping from the second floor.

“I look out the window and literally people are crawling out of the window, crawling from the building and smoke and flames are going up the center of the building," said Jason Morvec who lives across the street from the apartment.

Officials are calling the fire "suspicious" because three hallways and two units were on fire. Usually, a fire starts in one central location, police said. The fire has not yet been officially ruled arson -- arson investigators are still on scene investigating.

“When you get all three floors going, what causes fire? Electrical, smoking, cooking. When you get all three hallways involved, plus two units on the second floor it’s unusual," said Minneapolis Fire Department's deputy chief Mike Dickinson.

No further information is available at this time.