22 freight train cars carrying molten sulfur and asphalt derail in Plymouth, Minnesota

22 cars derailed Sunday afternoon in Plymouth, Minnesota. (Plymouth Police Department / Twitter)

No one was hurt after 22 freight train cars carrying molten sulfur, asphalt, and lumber went off the rails in Plymouth, Minnesota on Sunday.

Police and firefighters, along with crews from Canadian Pacific responded after the derailment around 1 p.m. near Northwest Boulevard and Schmidt Lake Road in Plymouth, just east of I-494.

Aerial photos from our FOX 9 helicopter show several cars derailed in Plymouth, Minnestoa.

While some cars rolled over and went well off the tracks, a city spokesperson says firefighters have discovered no leaks from the incident. Officials also say Canadian Pacific has been monitoring air quality and there have been no "unusual readings." All the same, they are asking members of the public to avoid the area as clean-up is underway.

A hazmat crew will remain at the scene until the cleanup is finished as a precaution. Police say Canadian Pacific crews will work around the clock to clear the wreckage and lay new railroad tracks.