More than 200 turtles rescued, treated for hypothermia at New England aquarium

Hundreds of sea turtles are being treated for hypothermia at an aquarium in New England. 

According to the New England Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital, November marks the beginning of stranding season due to "rapidly changing water temperatures and wind patterns."

"These turtles are often critically ill and require a variety of medical treatments to ensure they have the best chance for survival," senior veterinarian Dr. Kathryn Tuxbury said in a statement to video licensing company Storyful.

The aquarium said that 214 sea turtles have been treated so far this season. Many of the turtles undergo weeks or months of treatment before they can be released back into the ocean.


Sea turtle treated at New England Aquarium. (Credit: New England Aquarium via Storyful)

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), all species of sea turtles found in the United States are known to strand. 

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Strandings of individual animals have been recorded along most of the coastline of the U.S., with different patterns depending on geographic location and time of year. Strandings of multiple animals (such as sea turtles) simultaneously within a defined area often are referred to as "mass strandings" or "mass mortality events." 


More than 200 sea turtles have been rescued so far this season. (Credit: New England Aquarium via Storyful)

This story was reported from Los Angeles. Storyful contributed.