Body recovered from Mississippi River identified as 12-year-old Ashok Pradhan

The family of Ashok Pradhan identified the 12-year-old as the missing boy in the Mississippi River near Hidden Falls in St. Paul Tuesday. (Family of Ashok Pradhan)

Update: The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office says the medical examiner has identified a body found Wednesday morning in the Mississippi River as 12-year-old Ashok Pradhan.

A St. Paul middle schooler has been identified as the boy who went missing in the Mississippi River near Hidden Falls Regional Park Monday night. 

The boy’s family identified him as 12-year-old Ashok Pradhan. He just finished 6th grade at Humboldt Junior High. 

Crews searched the river for hours Monday night after he went missing at 7 p.m. and continued their efforts Tuesday. Ramsey County officials say they will continue to search until he is found or until 9 p.m.

Officials said some of the factors that make this stretch of river dangerous are the Ford Parkway Lock and Dam just over a mile upstream, the steep drop-off under water, and the curve of the river.

"It might look appealing from here, but we don’t know what’s going on under the surface," said Sergeant Jeremy Bolen-Knutson with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office. "Realistically, one minute it could be knee deep and the next step it could be over your head."

He said the water is currently moving three and a half to four miles per hour, and while that may not sound fast, it’s enough to knock someone off of their feet or carry them away if they don’t have a good footing.

"We did have divers in the water last night immediately when we responded, and they were having trouble staying on their feet along the shoreline just a couple feet out."

The St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department wrote that "regardless of posted signage people are drawn to water, especially as warmer temps arrive. It is important to understand and respect the conditions of the Mississippi River and other natural areas across the city."

St. Paul police and firefighters, the Hennepin and Dakota County Water Patrols and a State Patrol helicopter are assisting with the operation.