1 adult, 2 children killed in Maple Grove, Minn. crash

Police have blocked of Dunkirk Lane North in Maple Grove for the crash. (FOX 9)

At about 6:50 a.m. Saturday, a woman and two children were killed in a car crash near Dunkirk Lane and Lawndale Lane in Maple Grove.

Law enforcement says one man is also in the hospital with serious injuries as they wait for crash reconstruction specialists to tell them more about what happened.

"It’s terrifying. Life is short," neighbor Shilpa Kulkarni told FOX 9. "We heard a big screeching noise."  

The screeching noise was only the beginning of what she heard.

"I heard a man shouting for help, asking if the kids were okay. We could see the people running down to the retention pond," Kulkarni continued. "He was asking, find my kids, are my kids OK, is my kid OK?"

Hours later, Kulkarni, a mother of two, is still digesting all that she saw happen to another family just past her backyard.

"I saw the car was super fast, it just came tumbled down across this side of the street and bonked into the tree," she explained. "The way that they crashed into that tree itself, and that something threw out, we knew it was fatal, it was going to be bad for sure."

Eyewitnesses say at least six people immediately sprung into action. "There was a woman who was giving CPR," Kulkarni added.

The car left behind was unrecognizable, split into two pieces after hitting a tree.

"The car was super fast; it was maybe driving at a speed of 60 [to] 65 mph," Kulkarni said. "I did see something flying out, but I wasn’t sure if it was the car or if it was someone from the car was thrown out."

Maple Grove police say the two children killed in the crash were probably under the age of five years old. They hope to have more information to share on Sunday.