Making summer clothes work in winter

There's no way to make a lightweight cotton sundress work in January, but other summery items CAN be repurposed for colder weather, and should be!

Here are some tips for making summer clothes work in the winter

Lightweight dresses as skirt-lengtheners

This is a quirky look, but a great way to repurpose summer dresses and deal with too-short hemlines. Layer the lightweight dress with the longer hem under the shorter-hem dress and let about an inch peek out like a decorative slip. 

Crop tops over dresses

If you have any long-sleeved crop tops, pair them with sleeveless dresses for a winter-friendly combo. Crops are usually the perfect length for wearing with dresses, so your proportions will still work despite the layers. 

Tank tops as sweater vests

This only works with tanks that are fairly snug and somewhat shorter, but it can be a fun way to mix up your layers. Try printed tanks over long-sleeved tees or even dresses. 

Tuck cropped or ankle pants into tall boots

It's often easier and more comfortable to pair shorter pants with tall boots since they don't bunch up at the ankle.