Fleck makes Gophers starting quarterback decision

Gophers head coach P.J. Fleck made a decision on his starting quarterback. He’s going with co-starters.

Redshirt senior Conor Rhoda and redshirt sophomore Demry Croft will both get starts this year for Minnesota. Fleck says this is not a controversy, it’s just that neither of these two quarterbacks have enough Big Ten experience. He wants to give both a shot to develop into top flight quarterbacks

“We’re gonna play them both,” said Fleck. “That’s my decision. In terms of the starter, they’re both the starter. Here’s the reasons. So I can make sure everyone’s very clear on this so everyone hears it very clearly from me. Both quarterbacks don’t have game experience, true game experience. One game for Conor. A few snaps for Demry. If Iwas to tell you I know exactly how those quarterbacks are going to play in a game, that’s guess.”

The season opens in two weeks at TCF Bank Stadium against Buffalo.