Fans lineup to meet Minnesota United at State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair brings in millions of people every year, and that includes some professional athletes. Soccer fans lined up to meet members of Minnesota United FC.

"It's definitely a nice impression to see all the fans come up and see us in a different atmosphere, and to be able to enjoy the State Fair as well of course," said Loons goalkeeper Dayne St. Clair. "When I first came here, everyone was like, the State Fair is what you got to go to, so to be able to experience that with all the people here is definitely nice."

Minnesota is hoping to ride the positive momentum it gained in New York after earning a 2-0 win over NYCFC.

"I think we've been doing very good on the road, but we want to start rewarding our fans with some of those same results at home," St. Clair said. "I think we started that in the League's Cup, and we're going to now continue that with the regular season to be able to push into the playoffs and make a deep run again."