Boy wearing P.J. Fleck costume meets with coach on Gophers sideline

This mini-P.J. Fleck got the chance to meet with the coach before Saturday's game against Maryland. (FOX 9)

As the Gophers were gearing up to keep their undefeated streak alive at home versus Maryland, a young P.J. Fleck took to the sideline at TCF Bank Stadium ahead of the game on Saturday.

A boy wearing an impressive recreation of Coach Fleck's gameday outfit, shaved head included, got the chance to walk the field on Saturday.

The young fan and another boy, who was also geared out as a Gophers player, not only got the chance to check out the field and see players, they also got to meet with Coach Fleck himself.

The Gophers tweeted a photo of the young fans with Fleck, who was showing off the team playbook, with the caption: "Oh, you know, just going over the game plan."

A tweet from Gopher Hole showed Fleck exchanging high fives with the pair. The Gophers hope to improve to 8-0 on the season Saturday with a win at home against the Terrapins.