Woman caught on camera teaching child to steal

Addison police are looking for a woman caught on camera acting as a lookout while a young child steals a wallet from a woman's purse.

Police posted the image of the incident to their Facebook page. It happened January 1st at Snuffer's on Beltline and Midway Roads in Addison.  Police say they have the woman captured on video and using the oldest child who was with her, to lift a wallet out of another woman's purse. They got away with a debit card, two credit cards, a driver's license and five dollars in cash.

People who saw the image say they worry about the child, who was used to commit a crime.

Melanie Martinez said, "People are trying to find an easy way out. Especially using their kids that's a really sad."

Emilio Martinez said, "I don't know if that's her mom or whoever that is.Obviously they trust them and do what they think is right according to whoever is telling them right and wrong."

In a statement, Snuffer's said they're working closely with police on the investigation.