Wolves enjoy some time in the snow in northern Minnesota

New trail cam video shows a pack of wolves enjoying the winter weather in northern Minnesota.

On its Twitter page, the Voyageurs Wolf Project shared the video of a pack enjoying some time in the snow.

The project says, besides being fun to watch, the video is providing them with some important information.

"The Nashata Pack appeared to be down to 3 wolves by mid-to-late summer this year, and we did not get footage of any pups," writes Voyageurs on Twitter. "The female, however, clearly was pregnant in April and then was nursing in late April/May. So the pack certainly had pups but it appears none made it. Unfortunately, we don’t know why or even how many pups they had."

"The video tells us pack composition: the 1st wolf in the video is the breeding female (very distinctive!), the 2nd wolf is a subordinate female (you can see her parts, so to speak), likely a pup born in 2022, and the last wolf is the breeding male who is a bigger light gray wolf," the organization continues.

For more information on the Voyageurs Wolf Project, you can click here.