Witness describes moments 2 nurses jumped in her car to escape Allina Health clinic shooting

Buffalo, Minnesota resident Tiffany was dropping her mom off at the Allina Health clinic moments after shots were fired Tuesday morning. She said as soon as she pulled up to the front door, two nurses came running and jumped into her car. 

"I pulled in, was just getting ready to drop her off at the door and two nurses came running out to my vehicle and said they heard about 11 shots within a minute and didn’t see the shooter but assumed that’s what it was. Two minutes later, we saw the front windows shot out and left the scene," she said. "I took them to the other clinic so they could let them know what had happened."

Tiffany, like many, said she’s still surprised something like this happened in her hometown.

"My heart is still racing. That’s where my kids go to the doctor, and I just hope they’re all OK and wish I could’ve done more to help."

Tiffany said that the nurses who got in her car didn’t have their phones because they ran out so fast. So, Tiffany called 911 and also let the nurses use her phone to let their relatives know they were OK.

"I was gonna go drop my mom off at the front door and park and come get her, and within minutes they were shooting at the front window. She could’ve been sitting there and she had a hard time walking, so it’s very scary."

Four people were hospitalized in the incident and one person died from their injuries. A suspect is in custody. 

The Minneapolis Police Department's bomb squad, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have all responded to the scene because "improvised explosive devices" were involved, according to Gov. Tim Walz.