Where are hemp-based edibles businesses operating in Minnesota?

Newly released state data reveals at least 2,360 hemp-based edibles businesses have officially registered with the State of Minnesota.

While low-dose THC gummies, drinks and other hemp-based cannabinoid edibles have been legal in Minnesota for more than a year, it’s been unclear how widespread the industry is throughout the state.

The market was largely unregulated until recently when state lawmakers passed measures to regulate it. As of Oct. 2, the new law requires businesses dealing with hemp-based edibles to register with the state.

The data reveals the lion’s share of registrants are businesses operating in Minnesota, while at least 67 businesses are operating out of state.


Top ZIP Codes for Hemp-based Edibles Businesses

A FOX 9 Investigators analysis of state data reveals seven of the top 10 ZIP codes for hemp-based edibles businesses operate within the City of Minneapolis, alongside ZIP codes in St. Paul, Mankato and Moorehead.

ZIP code 55408 in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis has the highest concentration of hemp-based edibles businesses with at least 42 registered businesses.

A Tool for Accountability

Sen. Lindsey Port was a sponsor of cannabis legalization, which included measures to regulate the low-dose hemp derived THC industry. She previously told FOX 9 the first step to oversight is knowing where those business are and how they’re operating.

"We just want to make sure that everything that's on the shelf for consumers here in Minnesota is tested, is safe, and is what it says it is on the label," Sen. Port said.

Businesses will be required to seek licensure through the Office of Cannabis Management at a later date.