Vikings fans at training camp wowed by new TCO Performance Center

From touchdowns to chowing down, fans at training camp say the Vikings scored big time with the new TCO Performance Center in Eagan, Minnesota.

“It’s an outstanding facility,” said Charlie Walker, a Vikings fan. “Pretty amazing, just walking up not knowing what to expect, facilities are beautiful – it’s really nice.”

“Very impressive, state of the art, first class,” said Scott Ulbricht, a Vikings fan.

Wednesday marked the first day of Vikings training camp and for the fans, there was a lot to take in. The museum, the store - most fans say the mere size of it all is stunning and almost overwhelming.

“Just the modern amenities and the amount of cement,” said Mike Munzen, a Vikings fan. “It’s gotta be a half million dollars in cement. Just so modern - didn’t realize this space was here back in the old days when it was Delta or whatever.”

The kids love it, too, as they get in the zone with an entire field to tackle, pass, run and kick.

“I kicked off a 27-yard field goal when Blair Walsh couldn’t, but I’m not going brag,” said Luke Ulbricht, a Vikings fan.

But beyond the food and fun are the players. Quarterback Kirk Cousins even made a surprise appearance Wednesday at training camp. Everyone hopes these workouts are the beginning of a winning season.

“I can’t believe Cousins is out here, I’m watching him,” said Chris Christensen, a Vikings fan.

“I guess he was wearing red, not purple, but he was wearing the Vikings helmet, so that’s pretty cool,” said Munzen. “He looked good, looks like a good quarterback, hopefully it works out."

It’s free to get in to training, but you do have to get tickets online.