Viewer donates $1,000 to furloughed server featured in FOX 9 story

Friday night, just hours before new bar and restaurant restrictions kicked in across the state, Madi Chaffee talked about her struggles to make the holidays special for her family while on furlough, leading a FOX 9 viewer to step in. 

Madi Chaffee is a full-time server at Lola’s Lakehouse Restaurant in Waconia, Minnesota and is also a single mom with two young children. After hearing her story, FOX 9 viewer Lei-Ann Moris gave Chaffee and her family $1,000.

Chaffee said she is grateful for the support.

Moris said she had been looking for the right person to help during the holidays, telling FOX 9 we could share the update to show that “good can still happen” out there.