Video surfaces of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate sharing support from Putin

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen is in the hot seat after video has surfaced of him talking about getting support from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"One day I was on the Moscow News because Moscow was making a big deal about in America, they’re so afraid of the truth that a doctor who tells the truth gets in trouble. Well, I never expected any help from Mr. Putin but I’m getting it," Jensen said during a speech in September.

Some Republican rivals are slamming him. State Senator Michelle Benson called it "another disappointing example of his bad judgement."

In response, Jensen released the following statement: 

"I am disappointed in Senator Benson, who I had great respect for during our time in the Senate together. I don't know who is advising her to join in the mud with baseless smears, but it's not in her character and I think her campaign is being done a severe disservice. I fear this will tarnish her reputation; it certainly hurts all Republicans up and down the ballot to echo cynical and false leftwing talking points.

The insinuation that I praised Putin and vice versa is ridiculous and originated from a left-wing blog. I explained that blowing the whistle on bad COVID policies, having my license investigated 5 times for political reasons, and getting attacked by the media attracted voices I never expected worldwide to weigh in. There is no endorsement of Putin, passively or otherwise and he in no way endorsed me. When Russian news outlets are alarmed at censorship in America, we know we’ve got some big problems and my opponents are only feeding that fire. Shame on them."

Jensen also tweeted a response: