Video: Pickup truck swerves to avoid wrong-way driver

Dramatic video from a Glencoe police squad's dash camera captured the moment a pickup truck had to swerve into a ditch to avoid a head-on collision with a wrong-way driver.

According to Glencoe police, the incident happened on Thursday on Highway 212 near Morningside Drive in Glencoe. Officers were conducting a traffic stop, when they heard tires screeching. They saw a car heading eastbound in the westbound lanes of 212 straight toward a pickup truck.

"The quick actions by the driver of the pickup avoided what would have been no doubt a serious injury or fatal crash," read a Facebook post from the Glencoe Police Department. 

Officers learned the wrong-way driver of the car was 20-year-old woman from Pipestone with an instructional permit. She was cited and taken to another area to wait for a licensed driver.

Then, an hour later, police saw the same woman speeding at 85 mph. She was cited again.

In light of the incident, Glencoe police are reminding drivers to stay aware and avoid distractions on the road.